A post about a dance we did in 2013 called TUNTAS.

In one month and a bit, it’ll be September.

That means it’ll be Father’s Day soon.

Which means it’ll be our church’s anniversary soon.

Which means we’ll have to perform a dance.


Tuntas! Performed in 2013 for Father's Day/Church Anniversary.

Tuntas! Performed in 2013 for Father’s Day/Church Anniversary.

Ever since we started our prophetic dance ministry, naturally, we’ve been asked to perform items at church during special events such as Easter or Christmas. Creating a dance is usually stressful (well for me at least) because we are not the type of people who are practical when it comes to “planning ahead”. We’ll maybe have an idea of what we want to do a few months beforehand, but we’ll never really get around to doing it until the last minute.

This generally takes a toll on my cousin and I because we’re usually in charge of coming up with something, and as our team is consisted of teenagers, they usually have some great ideas but are not so great at paying attention.

Like, ever.

One of the most stressful dances we’ve done was a few years back for the same occasion, since our Father’s Day and church anniversary celebrations are held on the same day. The song we danced to was called Tuntas (the word for “Complete” or “Finished” in Indonesian). We chose this song because it’s very jubilant, and kind of sounds like a something out a musical. Because of this, we wanted the dance to be very colourful and incorporate props used mainly for praise. That concept was obvious from the beginning, however the dance proved to be super stressful because we ended up making a lot of it the day before.

The dance opens with two cherub dancers. If you listen (or if you can’t speak Indonesian – translate) the lyrics, it talks about being at the Lord’s feast and also mentions white clothing, gold and oil. Since I can’t speak Indonesian fluently and only very basically, I’m not 100% sure what the song means, but I know that all those things can allude to heaven. And heaven of course has angels.

As previously mentioned, we wanted something colourful, so we decided to go with a cyclone and then what was supposed to be two sweeping pieces of fabric to indicate a scene change.

I love the first banner and tambourine sections because they have so much teamwork and symmetry in them. One of the tambourine routines we used was actually taught to my cousin and I a long time ago so it was great we could remember it and finally use it. The two following patterns we learned off of YouTube (The Way + Salute) – we had to tweak them so that we could mirror each other.

The first chorus is inspired by Faceless Generation Ministry’s dance of the song. Back when we used to regularly attend their Intimacy With God sessions, they would sometimes play this song and there was a simple dance that went along with it. Since we couldn’t really come up with anything for this part we decided to use it. So hey – thanks for the dance move you guys!

I can’t really say much on this banners segment since this part was organized by other people in our dance team. I thought it was cool though!

The third chorus is in the shape of an inverted V – we call it an Arrow. I love this part because it incorporates both tambourine and banners and it should look really cool when it’s done properly. The first banner move is called Breakthrough, following it is the tambourine pattern Coronation/Ribbon (that’s what we call it) and then together we do a move called Banners.

The bridge is something we learned from some Indonesian dancers who visited us (They also happened to make this song). Basically, we have a Crown flag at the front and then an Alpha, Omega and some tambourines join it to form a moving V.

And then it’s my favourite part.

What’s unique about this dance is that while that V was forming, we swept a really long piece of red fabric over the audience. I was nervous that it wouldn’t work and that someone would get hurt while doing it but it turned out great, since the red fabric was just the right length. It probably would have looked really cool from the audience’s perspective!

The last chorus is a mix of the first and third, and the song ends the same way it started – a whirlwind of colours.

Finally, the Star of David to finish off. We came across this formation on Instagram a while back and since it looked really cool, we decided to end our dance with it.

Overall, everyone seemed to really like the dance. I don’t mean just the audience, but the dancers too. Despite all the stress and abundant mistakes in the final performance, this stands to be my favourite dance we’ve choreographed so far because it was so different to anything we had done before. It was all made possible by our lovely dancers and most importantly, by His grace. I’m hoping that one day we’ll get to perform it again, hopefully when we have a nicer location and more practice time.

I’m also hoping that this year’s dance will be just as amazing! 🙂

Here’s our practice video for Tuntas:

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