If I’m honest I guess things haven’t been going that great for us. During the Hillsong conference week and the week after that, our shop kind of took a break. We’re back to working on it, but we’ve encountered a few problems.

img-20150622-wa0001 _副本

For one, the superglue we were previously using doesn’t have a strong enough hold. I’m not entirely sure if it’s because I didn’t store it properly (allowing it to eventually dry up and lose bonding power) or because it was 50c. What’s been happening to some of our customers is that the eye pins from the bottles have been sliding out of the cork which (depending on the situation) can cause the bottle to break. We’re obviously replacing these as best as we can.

Dad’s bought us a supposedly stronger super glue from Bunnings which was like 16x more expensive than that first one. Thankfully though we’ve found a way to work around the issue, which doesn’t rely on using adhesive to hold the corks to the eye pins. It’s a little harder to do, but definitely worth it if it means a reduction in breakages. It’s a good thing we haven’t put these online yet.

White floater Necklace. Soooo yeah, you can't really see it. I just love this set because the background looks magical.

White floater necklace. Soooo yeah, you can’t really see it. I just love this set because the background looks magical. It’s on a slant which is why the inside seems crooked.

That’s the second thing. Since we’ve been selling mainly at church and at a school, we’ll slowly run out of customers. As I’ve said, we’re planning to start an online store (most likely Etsy) but we still need to make a few preparations before that’s possible. Another thing we’ve been thinking of is going to markets, but right now it’s a little out of our price range since most places have a fee for setting up a stall. There’s also the trouble of transport and bringing supplies etc. We’ve also thought of bulk selling to people and having them sell our stuff for however much they want – basically being a supplier. It’s pretty far fetched for the moment but it was an interesting idea, and who knows? It could happen one day.

Our progress since the start has been snail-like and it’s something I want to change. It’s most likely due to the fact that the other two are occupied with their own stuff like studying and work, and I can just be very nitpicky. I guess that’s not so bad, because I want whatever we release to be good and not break at first contact when we eventually sell to strangers. So at the moment I’d like to think we’re still in a kind of beta-testing phase: practicing, making sure our things endure, perfecting packaging, and coming up with designs. I’m hoping we’ll get out of it soon.

As I mentioned last time, we decided to make some impromptu items with what we already have in hopes that we could gain some money to make up for initial investments. The chokers have been selling well but I’m not sure how much I want to continue them because they are very generic. Still, they’re easy to make and people seem to like them so that one seems like a no-brainer. We haven’t really advertised other things as much but here’s one of them:

These come as bracelets or necklaces. I really like them because they're so simple and classy looking. The only issue is that since we don't have crimp ends, the beads aren't stationary.

These come as bracelets or necklaces. I really like them because they’re so simple and classy looking. The only issue is that since we don’t have crimp beads, these beads aren’t stationary i.e. they can move around.

That’s all I really wanted to write about today, just to keep this blog going. Hopefully the next time I write an update post we’ll have some good news!

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