Over the last few weeks, things have been going pretty smoothly for Victorious Vessels. This is just a post about what we’ve been up to lately..

Our Autumn necklace. I love this photo!

Our Autumn necklace. I love this photo!

Let’s start with the negative.

One of the mistakes we made when preparing our shop was buying too many supplies that we didn’t need. Instead of planning and coming up with some concrete designs, we went off some rough sketches and ideas that we had in mind. We’ve been a little too careless, so most of the items we bought just didn’t work out for us at all. This has led to a lot of things we bought never being used. In fact, they’re all here in my room, hidden in drawers and collecting dust..

So as of last week, we decided we weren’t going to invest in anymore supplies right now because we spent too much early on and needed to start earning that money back. The problem was that without supplies, we couldn’t make our products – and without any products? No buyers. We’ve been improvising lately, trying to make use of the stuff that we have lying around. So far we’ve been able to put our Floater charms on ballchains and sell them as keyrings, and make some really simple chokers out of the leftover cord and charms we have. Hopefully we’ll be able to come up with more things soon so we can move on!

Our improvised chokers. Came out well, I think they're pretty cute. They won't sell for much but at least it's something.

Our improvised chokers. Came out well, I think they’re pretty cute. They won’t sell for much but at least it’s something.

One good thing about this dilemma though is that it has pushed our creativity, and we’ve ended up making some really nice things. Maybe we’ll even keep making them after this blows over. Who knows?

Now on to the good!

Sunday went great. Last Sunday was when we “officially” announced ourselves to our friends and the youth group, but not to the rest of the people at church. This time we were able to approach more adults with the help of our friends. We managed to sell more than we did the previous week, and I was actually quite impressed with the amount we made (which granted, probably isn’t much but still more than I expected!).

Our friends also offered to take photos for us! I’m really happy with the way they turned out. Since our church doesn’t own a building, we rent the council’s building which is conveniently placed in a very nice park. The scenery was great and we had a lot of fun during this “photo shoot” even though it was a little cold. I’m hoping we can use these photos for our future Etsy store and Facebook page.

Our "Floaters" on ball chains.

Our “Floaters” on ball chains.

Another thing we’ve been doing is trying to get active on Instagram. Our feed is still a little bit dull but I can’t wait ’til it’s full of pretty pictures. I made an announcement on my Instagram about it and it made me feel a little nervous. I love this shop but since it’s still a work in progress, I was hesitant about posting anything on my personal account. I guess it didn’t really matter since I don’t have many Instagram followers, and we need all the support we can get right now. The bigger announcement will be the one we’ll eventually make on Facebook! You can check out our Instagram feed here.

I’ve also decided to watermark our images before posting them online to reduce the chances of theft. Stealing images is a really big issue for a lot of artists, photographers and sellers today, especially since it’s so easy – most people probably don’t even know they do it. Copyright’s affected me a lot in the last few years, so I’m trying to be cautious with it.

This pretty much sums up the last week or so for us. I just wanted to write a post about how we’re doing, nothing too in-depth today! Our next steps include figuring out packaging and shipping, and getting onto Etsy so we can sell internationally 🙂

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