This post was a little rushed because I was just so out of it. I had been putting it off for a few days already and have a new post in mind so I wanted to crank this out ASAP. Hopefully you enjoy the read anyway!

“Bad hair day” is an understatement for what’s been happening on my head for the last few weeks or so.

For those of you who are unaware, my hair is considered to be pretty long. The longest strands go past my bum when I brush it and sometimes when I sit down I end up sitting on it (which causes me to be paranoid about snapping my neck one day).

So you’d be pretty surprised to hear that I don’t actually take very good care of my long locks. I think it was about two weeks ago when I last brushed it properly. I don’t even remember. Brushing my hair is a pain, not only because of it’s length but because I have the worse kind of hair: dry, frizzy and wavy. It can take me around half an hour to fully brush my hair after a night out and as you can imagine, it’s not really something I look forward to.

Over the last few weeks I have been neglecting my hair – because I was too tired to brush it, forgot to or just put it off out of laziness. Who knows? What has resulted is a birds nest at the back of my head. It’s not visible to others because when I go out I can neaten up the “outside” hair and cover it, but nonetheless it’s still there.

For the last three and a half days I have intensely been trying to detangle and brush my hair. It’s gotten so bad that there are completely matted sections so hard that they’ve formed clumps at the back of my head. I wouldn’t be surprised if a small rodent or insect had managed to make itself at home in there.

I first noticed how bad it was getting on Saturday, but since Saturday was such a busy day for me, I just didn’t have the time. On Sunday I went to church, and spent the entire sermon attempting to finger brush my hair. On Monday I thought, “That’s it. I have to fix this now before it gets worse.” so I spent the entire day sitting in front of my laptop attempting to untangle my hair. At most I thought it would take a few hours, but I ended up sleeping at 5 a.m. that night (morning?) and it was still a horrible mess. On Tuesday I again spent the entire day attempting to fix my hair. You’d be as surprised as I was when I checked the time and it was 7 a.m. I didn’t sleep at all on Wednesday night.


The only picture I can currently recall that shows the length of my hair (left). This picture was taken earlier this year in February. Matching skirt from my awesome friend!

When my mum found out what had been happening, I didn’t get the reaction I had expected. I thought she might get upset and tell me to chop it all off, but instead she tried to help me sort out the strands for a short while and just sternly said “I hope you learned something from this.”

And oh boy, yes I did. Ever since I’d started this blog (and watching Scrubs) I have been unintentionally developing an inner monologue. Although it might be considered strange, I don’t think this development is bad. I’ve been able to reflect on things that happen in my daily life and pick out mini life lessons from them.

So what have I learned through this hair fiasco?

have to stop being so lazy and take my responsibilities more seriously. If I had just taken a small time every day to brush my hair this would never have happened and I wouldn’t have had to spend over 40 hours (no joke) trying to untangle my hair when I could have been doing something more productive. See, I’ve always been a procrastinator. A “last minute” person. But never in my life have there ever been any serious ramifications. Sure, some sacrifices have been made but nothing like this.

This time the consequences were real. As I was untangling, sections of hair fell out from knots I couldn’t fix and I was a zombie for those few days because I couldn’t think about doing anything else except fixing my hair. I tried hair oils, conditioners and creams. I neglected eating, sleeping and even personal hygiene, all because I didn’t take some time out every day to brush my ridiculous hair.

This leads to me thinking about commitment.

Having hair as long and as unmanageable as mine is a daily commitment. I’ve always wanted long hair (heck, I want it to be longer still) but I’ve never properly taken care of it. I want something with minimal effort and that’s just not possible because everything I want requires effort. This doesn’t just go for my tresses, but for other areas of my life too. I want to lose weight but I keep eating junk. I want to get good at drawing but I never practice. I want to wake up earlier but I always hit snooze. Unfortunately this lack of commitment extends to my responsibilities. I’m the kind of person that feels pressured to take on responsibilities. Because of this I am heavily involved in my church – I’m part of the Sunday School ministry, dance ministry, youth leader team, youth worship team and I take care of all the social media stuff.

I’m not trying to show off or anything. In actual reality, I’m pretty horrible at managing all this stuff. The trouble is that I don’t deliver. I have this standard for myself that I never seem to be able to reach because I’m not motivated enough, yet in my head I always think I’ll be able to reach it without doing anything. I seem to plan things that I need to do but I never get around to doing them. It’s not like I don’t like doing them or anything.. I’m just too lazy.

This has to stop.

I’m hoping that these last few days will serve as a reminder to me, to keep committed and motivated to the things I need and want to do. The thing is, I do occasionally have these feelings that I need to be better. But this “commitment” only last a short while, maybe a few days to a few weeks. This time is different, now that I’ve experienced consequences. I never want to go through anything like that again, especially since it was cause by my own actions (or well, lack of action). Sure, if I keep going on like this I’ll maybe end up somewhere eventually, but not where I want to be. And definitely not quickly.

So here’s the end of the story: My dad eventually decided to help with my hair on Thursday morning, and he got the clumps out so that everything was back to normal. Unfortunately, there was a lot of hair loss since he was trying to work quickly and efficiently whereas I was being as gentle as possible.. Well, regardless, that’s what I get for being so lazy.

My hair still feels kind of weird a few days later from just touching it too much and putting all these products in it. I’m still pulling out strands of hair that came loose, even after washing it today. If all this happened while I was unconscious I probably wouldn’t be able to tell my hair was thinner after I woke up, but I know it is just by the sheer amount of hair that was left on my bedroom tiles after everything was over.

This time, let’s try stay committed to staying committed, shall we?

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