Maybe it’s because I’m entering that age group, but it seems as if a lot of people I know have started blogging recently. So, well, I guess it’s time to conform!

No, but really, ever since I was a child I loved recording my thoughts onto paper. Throughout my primary and high school years I would always have some kind of book or journal where I would scribble down emotions and recounts of my like, totally drama filled day. In the middle of my high school years (and what a hectic time that was), pen and paper turned into mouse and keyboard. There was Bebo, there was Tumblr.. and there was Live Journal. One of my friends introduced me to Live Journal which quickly became my dominant place to vent and ramble daily about well.. everything.

I’ve never been completely sure why I’m so determined to record every part of my life – and I don’t mean just by journalling. If you have me on Facebook you’ll see that as of this moment I’m tagged in 3,038 photos. This might not be much to some of you, but let me tell you, it still takes a bit of time and perseverance to scroll through my entire “Photos of me” feed. Apart from that I’ve also tried scrapbooking a few times and quite recently, vlogging. I’m also extremely sentimental which is why my room is always filled with clutter.


a stack of my old diaries and journals

One reason that I may have this drive to record my life in a tangible form might be because my memory is absolutely terrible. And when I say absolutely terrible I mean it. Ask me what I wore to church last week and the only reason I’ll remember is because there’s a video recording of me that I can watch from that day – not because I actually remember what I picked out while staring at my wardrobe for five minutes. Or maybe it’s not the terrible memory but the lack of clarity that I seem to have. Every time I try to picture what my mind is like, the only image that I see is a tangled ball of string. Writing helps me organize my thoughts better and untangle that string little by little.

I think blogging also has a lot of pros. Although there are times I’ll read over my old posts and cringe like no tomorrow, I don’t regret them one bit. It makes me realize how much I’ve grown since that time and reflect on whether or not I’m still growing today, especially at this time of my life where I have no idea what direction I’m heading in. Over the past few years I feel as though I’ve also grown increasingly self-conscious and socially awkward – I think blogging is a first step to breaking that.

Plus I’ll eventually develop mad good writing skills and won’t be lying about that on my CV anymore 😉

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